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Now it is on Sale.Please buy it.This application is a sound player for the prevention of waste, such as barking dogs.By tapping the buttons on the screen, you can get five different sounds.If you stop the sound, on-screen [Stop] button, please tap.
In this application, offers five types of sound files.When you first start [/sdcard/wanstop/] in, [sound1.mp3] - [sound5.mp3] expand the files.[/sdcard/wanstop/] in the [sound1.mp3] - [sound5.mp3] by replacing a favorite mp3 files, you can change the sound raise.(Please change the file name into [sound1.mp3] - [sound5.mp3].)The screen [Settings], you can change the text that appears on the button.[Notes]The effect may vary depending on the nature of dogs. And not just barking and barking continuously wasted at night, may have another problem.Please note there is no 100 percent in applications that promise to stop barking in vain.